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The Classic luggage line is a set of cases made of a synthetic material called ABS. It is currently the most popular material used for the production of cases. It is a very hard and at the same time exceptionally light polymer which protects the contents of the luggage against external factors. This solid material is resistant to strong pressure, which often occurs in airplanes’ luggage compartments.

This material is also ideal for cases used for travelling by train or coach due to its light weight and resistance to scratching. Luggage made from this material is ideal for both long trips and short routes. A wide range of designs will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding travellers.

Classic Classic

Bagia’s design team has equipped all models of medium and large cases with a two-stage frame. This allows for adapting the height of the handle to the user’s height.
Bagia cases are equipped with four high-quality wheels. Their base are the reliable bearings coated with characteristic rubber. This type of wheels facilitates stable handling and long durability. Additionally, each wheel allows for a 360o rotation, which ensures easy manoeuvrability.

All small Bagia case models meet the requirements for free hand luggage of Ryanair and EasyJet or popular carriers like Lot, British Airways or Lufthansa.

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