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Bagia’s Trendy line cases are made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC). It is now one of the most durable synthetic materials used for the production of cases. PC’s resistance and hardness is similar to aluminium, hence the material is resistant to impact, compression, fall and harsh weather conditions. 

PC is also characterised by smooth texture, which allows for applying photographs and prints. Hence, the classic look of the case may be changed into a trendy design decorated with high-quality photographs and prints that stimulate the traveller’s imagination.

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Bagia’s design team has equipped all models of cases in a two-stage frame. As a result, the height of the handle is adapted to the user’s height, which gives a sense of comfort when pulling the case.
Bagia cases are equipped with four wheels with 360o rotation. Each wheel has durable bearings coated with high-quality rubber. This type of wheels offers long durability.
These cases can be used on any surface, from soft carpets in luxury hotels to hard and rugged wilderness of the African savannah.

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